Monday, Monday

Whew! Last week was a bit of blur as Renee’s brother and dad were in town. They came in Saturday and Sunday we were off to Disneyland. Scott had a great time and got to ride all the rides he wanted too despite being pretty sick. Monday, Jesse and I took dad to Calico Ghost Town which he enjoyed. Tuesday night we headed to Hollywood and I dropped everyone off at CBS to wait in line for Price Is Right at 2 am. Jesse and I slept at the hotel while they stood in line until 6 am waiting for the gates to open. Dad had a great time, but we were all pretty exhausted after that. They flew back to Texas early Friday morning and we spent the weekend relaxing and recovering. (I did a wedding on Saturday, but it was a short ceremony.) It is nice to be back on a regular schedule.

Who kicked my bed?

I am dozing off to sleep and suddenly the bed shakes and I pop up alert. An earthquake shook me awake. I got up to check on my son and he asks, “what was that?” I fire up the computer to check the USGS site and here comes another. Two 3.9 quakes only 5 minutes apart. It has been a couple of years since we have had any that strong here.

USGS California Recent Earthquakes (Devore)

Been slacking of on the blog…

Has it really been two weeks since my last post. What a slacker! Let’s see I went to Palm Springs for the ESRI Developer Summit and sat in sessions with a bunch of GIS programers. What fun that was!It was nice to get out of the cubicle for a few days, but I really missed coming home at night to my family instead of a hotel room. This past weekend I worked on my “to do” list around the house. I got the swamp cooler all ready for summer and as you can expect we had the weather turn colder.I also put together a screen for a window that never had one. Boy is that a frustrating do-it-yourself job! I think I will pay someone to do that before I try it again.