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Been away from the battle for a while, but thought I would do a Star Wars Day one. Image of corn used as background and bread used in texture of 300. Playing with Corey Barker's Eyeball tutorial. Four weeks of images combined into an B Horror movie tribute. Six weeks of images combined into an animated gif. Two weeks of images combined into a beverage ad.
Four weeks of images combined into a CD cover.Created an artistic print from an odd photo. 4 weeks of images combined to show how my golf ball must think. Quiet street invaded by clowns. Image of 3 spice bowls on a mat becomes an abstract image. Image of a shoreline becomes a Memorial Day tribute. Image of an old castle and a strange flower becomes a Dr. Who tribute.
Image of a ladybug flying from fingertips becomes an image declaring God's sovereignty over the earth. Two weeks images combined: Easter bunny relaxing after his yearly rounds. Bright green boat becomes sepia scripture postcard. Flower on white background changed into SPRING image. Airport runway becomes a croquet poster. Outhouse and pink leaves turned into a tornado scene from the Midwest. Paper lanterns become a message to Japan. Playground slide becomes a winter playground. Don't miss the train.
Combined two weeks images to honor the 5th year of NAPP battle images. A tomato on a plate become a veggie platter. Two images (Hedgehog & barometer) combined into a birthday wish for NAPP friend. Goldfish promote NAPP. Winter scene in my freezer. Playing around on New Year's Day. Merry Christmas. Silver bells. 4 weeks of images combined into a holiday warning. Don't give this gift.
Realitvity revisted. Original image: Doorway on a street. Chinese tea set turned into a bamboo placemat. Three battle images combined: Woman's hat, blank carton and halloween hand. Three battle images combined: Fall Foliage, Stone Building and Jordanian spices. Wooden beach umbrella becomes an abstract. Baby buggy hit the dunes. Combined two weeks images(Frog and box) to make nightmare for Ancient Egypt. Paper two tone map becomes a globe mural inside building in downtown Barstow.
Pink colored pencil becomes a Spanish fan. Single yellow cable becomes an advertisement. Staring blonde baby and water drop combined into a ball pit surprise. Three factory smokestacks become a Star Wars battle scene. Island in adriatic sea attached to the head of a statue. Robin and pier images transformed into fiery scene. Window washers give Babe the Blue Ox a bath. Ornate metal door becomes and undersea treasure chest.
After missing a couple weeks, I combined the parachute and brick wall(texture) and the tractor images. Ocean scene becomes and inspirational image. Illuminated globe becomes dragonfly eyes. Compass image animated. Old piece of metal becomes an Ironman spoof. Row of chairs becomes a message about God-given responsibility to the Earth. Chicago railyard becomes a Tron tribute. Forest trail becomes a painting.Easter bunny wanted poster.
Cow image has fun with a NAPP/Photoshop Guy. Playing with textures/patterns in an image. Sprouting plant becomes an environmental poster. Combination fo 4 weeks images (inside of a vein, a glitter heart, a millhouse and a brooding girl). Old man becomes a Mack Daddy. Abstartct from a piece of aluminum. Cookies & Candies become an ad for Papa Dulce. Abstract from an archery target. Plants reaching toward the sun.
Touch They never let poor Rudolph... Old car becomes Rt. 66 montage. A winter scene becomes a snowglobe. Is Christmas all about shopping? Curved walkway turned into the Death Star taking aim. Just a quick one about the old gray mare. Metal doors becaome a background pattern like vertical blinds.
Wicked Witch of the East in her wilder pre-Dorothy days.
Pumpkin carving NAPP style. Been away for a while so I combined 5 weeks into one image. Combination of two weeks images together: old building and old kitchen. Graveyard angel become Firefighter tribute. English windmill becomes a plate of cookies. Darkened the edges and framed this image of a forest. Stone statue becomes a wine barrell label.
Snowy street scene turned into a venice canal. Quick one masking out parts of a red walker and placing it near an old house. Quick one playing with Transfrom again shortcut. 1920 photo of young girl becomes July holiday postcard. Frowning graduate becomes magic mirror. Girl on steps becomes inspirational message. Abandoned building becomes Hogan's Alley game. Pink leaf omage converted to elephant ear. Plain can becomes Can Dew Attitude.
Inspired by Terminator Salvation. Lake scene becomes a wall ornament. Weave pattern became a hat on an old man on Rt. 66. Patriotic tribute from wheat field image. Ornamental lion becomes a sandwich board sign. Sailing the dunes. Easter plans go awry. Which path will you take? Notepad becomes the latest LAMECOM product.
Fishy making her morning commute. Brainpower Statue image becomes a coffee ad. Playing with rendered lens flare and layer filters. Night mansion becomes an inspirational image.. Experimenting with color yet again. I enjoyed the color on this one. Shrimp Bowl XLIII. Used a half-tone pattern, red alpha channel, stroke commands to create this artistic piece.
Removed the blue sky and replaced it with a NASA image. Ladybug on a flower. Just experimenting in Photoshop. New Year image. Paper texture becomes a Roy Orbison song. Olives and branch become a Olive Oil tribute to NAPP forum members Wall of ruin made into a seasonal message Santa's beard made into an icy greeting.
Turkey nightmare! Wood puppet becomes Dr. Manhattan Frosty got tired of melting. Starting image: Chrome doorknob Halloween themed image. Ugly face made into a fictitious ad. Guest Battler: Jesse created this weeks image from a rubber crab-looking toy. Straight pins become an ad for Acupuncture Hair Growth Treatment Center. Wall Faucet turned into Mystry Shack faucet at Calico Ghost Town. Sushi Man made from stock photo. Post-season baseball is here!! 
Pirate duck finds comfort after losing his ship. Adobe wall photo combined with vaquero, flower pot and petroglyph. Eyes on my mind after visit to the eye doctor. Back to school. Scan of a piece of paper turned into blinds in a scene from Clue: Colonel Mustard in the Study with a Wrench. Metal grate turned intoa sci-fi image #2. Metal grate turned intoa sci-fi image. Pincusion and selective color adjustments.
Quick makeover of a beach scene. Image of Greek ruins becomes an abstract image. Image of ropes becomes a Midwest storm. Crazy duck statue becomes a movie spoof. Burgers, Brats, coals, smoke, and polaroid frame from scratch. Ant Brush, leave pattern, leaf brush and a stock city image. Starbucks meets Stonehenge Color photo turned into a sepia toned image 2D B&W graphic turned into forum tribute
Smiling Buddha Bobblehead becomes Red the Head Statue face turned into a soldier's creed tribute. Stained Glass window turned into a rainbow Blue fuzzy pen turned into the Yello Dello Staples vs. Paper Clips Image of axes turned into Biker Colors Image of gages turned into a car ad 2nd Entry: Fun CD Cover challenge with Random, Wiki Entry, Quote and image Rusted car restoration attempt.
Fun CD Cover challenge with Random, Wiki Entry, Quote and image Playing in Photoshop is very therapeutic! Paper cut-out style applied to a photo Depression is a real issue in my family, so this was a serious image. Easter image. Virtual make-over. Converting a photo to a painting. Visit RGB Hot Springs.
Zorak's favorite snack. Battle Image crreated using tech brushes and no photo Carving from a tree turned into a glass etching Blammos - Corey Barker inspired image What are they made of? Slice-N-Dice Challenge Super Bowl inspired image 100 Battles image 99th Battleground Image Entry
Light Fixture turned into a Police song image Snowy house turned into a sand castle End of Year battle Christmas wishes from the Mojave Quick Christmas entry of our Nativity Lame attempt at Frost effect He is making a list.... Experimenting with Prespective and Lighting.
Thanksgiving Dinner bites back! 80's MTV video influenced. Go Speed Racer Go. Inspired by our smoke filled sky. Color Coded Cats! Five images combined into one. Grab that cash!. Keep it safe and sober on the roads.
Autumn theme battle Had a rough week and this summed up how I feel. Just back from Photoshop World in Las Vegas. Used fibers and lens flare to achieve the star. Tried for that air-brushed fair t-shirt look. Smart objects give a Kaliedescope effect. Reminds me of the 1970's Monster Movies. 52 weeks straight. Reusing items from 1st battle.
Reminded me of when I worked at Walden's Photography. Statue from a garden scene visits the islands. One for the French Cuisine lover! Peppers are for salsa! When little cars dream The rare banana rose Abstract color window Cave drawing of the Sabertooth Cat
Fun with Warping and a custom object. Inspired by Sylar from Heroes. One creepy dude. One of the forum members is on the mend from surgery. Jesse asked for a mohawk inspiring this weeks image Max Hedroom 2.0 Rhino Darts Inspired by the World of Sid and Marty Krofft Monty Python came to mind for some reason!
Having fun with one of the NAPP Forum moderators who is into paintball. Played with Blend Modes as well as usting the filters: Radial Blur, Plastic Wrap, and Ink Outlines on the background. Trying to achieve a 3D perspective. Last minute entry after a week away from the office Flower power with smart objects and clipping mask Contemplating the past battles Old Monster movie inspired image Super heroes come in all sizes
Battleground 1st Anniversary Using the stroke path technique Mojave Desert: Winter or Summer Perception: Heart or sight? Austraila Day entry. Flipped, Desaturated and framed along with a ripple effect. Lots of layers and cool curtian effect on the background.
Scarface tutorial entry. New Year's entry. Christmas entry. Fun with warping, transform and motion blur. Challenge using part of your body. Sectoral Heterochromia - two colors - one eye Homstar Runner influence image. Devil with a blue dress on.
Thanksgiving challenge. Plant Mosaic Creature that ended up looking like it was from the islands. Movie Poster Challenge Entry #2 Movie Poster Challenge Entry #1 Fantasy monster challenge. My cat + Roadrunner = Catbird. Recruitment poster for NAPP. Changed a very dark image to ice and added the skull. Using Stroke Path on a selection. I like the effect.
Using Hue/Stauration adjustment layers. Changing a dark image into a light one. Inspired by P.O.D. "Thinking About Forever" NuLOOQ contest entry. Poltergeist meets Napp! Felt a bit anti-government on this one. Attempt a acheiving a gold plate look. Not very pleased with it.
Enjoyed the play of light in this image. A tribute to Bob Ross. Photoshop lessons before Photoshop. An idea for a Photoshop T-ShirtRubik's Cheese with wine10 days after doing this image, I went to work for the Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program. Metal Rules!!! 2nd Entry - Tried to achieve a 'Comic Book" look...Unsuccessfuly. First Entry into NAPP Photoshop Battleground

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