Renee ZeliffHigh Desert Business Solutions was created by Reneé Zeliff.

She has worked for several years in the corporate world, including a nationally known research company, several churches, and as a department head in a major university.  She held various administrative and directorial roles before deciding to take her passion for helping others and start her own business.

By working virtually from her own office in sunny, California, she is able to help more business owners, like herself, achieve their dreams and free up more time for themselves.

There are many different virtual assistants today with a wide range of expertise. Virtual assistants work from their home offices with their own equipment, making it easier for partnering businesses to operate without the extra cost of hiring a new employee.

The work is done remotely so there is no added expense of vacation time, benefits, extra office space or equipment. Simply contact us today and see how we can partner together to save you time and money as we help your business dreams become reality!

Cynthia's Logo CVS_logo08.“My business took off like a rocket and Renee stepped
in and helped me stay on schedule at all times.”~ Cynthia Clark