What I’ve Learned From a 2 Year Old- Falling

Yet another observation in my series ‘What I’ve Learned From a 2 Year Old’. See if you can find areas that it might apply to your life and business.

Falling is Simply Apart of the Process– When you first learn to walk, there is a lot of falling down. Its okay to take a moment to cry once you fall but the accomplishment comes when you can pick yourself up and try again. Falling is simply apart of the process of getting better. Once you have fallen you have a choice a to make, do you stay down and just give up- hoping that someone else will do it for you? Or, do you get back up, brush yourself off and keep on going? Its up to you to determine how far you will succeed.

At some point in our life and business we have fallen down. We all make mistakes, that is what makes us human. Its how we handle things after we’ve fallen that really make a difference. Its okay to  hold someone’s hand until you can walk on your own, the important thing is, once you have fallen, get right back up and continue on.

Don’t let one misstep take away all the great adventures and joys that life has to offer you.

Again, feel free to leave a comment and any suggestions that you might have on the best ways to recover from a fall in life and business.

Take someone’s hand and lets walk this journey out together!

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