What I’ve Learned From a 2 Year Old- Hugs are Amazing

This last observation concludes this series but its one of my favorites. I hope its one of your favorites too.

Hugs are Amazing– If you can’t do it all yourself, you’ve fallen and are having a hard time getting back up, no one seems to be paying attention to you, hugs are amazing. Find someone you can turn to when things happen. Someone that can give you boost of confidence, encouragement or uplifting.

Its okay to cry sometimes but having someone there to give you a big hug will really do wonders for you. It can be a parent, mentor, coach or even just a best friend. Knowing that you have that support when you need it is truly amazing!

Navigating through the joyful times and the hard times is all apart of this process we call life. Whether its your personal life or your business, having someone there to travel with makes all the difference. A soft word and a big hug can change a situation in an instant. Hug often and love always!

There is a world of wonder and adventure just waiting to be explored and we can all do it together. Feel free to leave your comments and pass on some of your own observation. Its a learning process for all of us, I’m glad you are here with me.

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