What I’ve Learned From a 2 Year Old- Make Some Noise

As I continue with my observations in this series I hope you have enjoyed reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

Sometimes You Have to Make Some Noise to Get Some Attention– Its not always that easy to get the attention that you need. If you get hurt or someone isn’t nice, you might need attention, but how do you get it if you are just another little cute face in the crowd? You make some noise.

Now I’m not saying that screaming at the top of your voice or throwing blocks is the right way to go, but finding a way to make yourself stand out can really get attention. Maybe you are the quiet, ‘go and tell the teacher’ type, or maybe you are the ‘outside voice all time’ type, find a way to stand out and people will notice you.

Once you have their attention, be sure to let them know what the noise was all about. If you are hurt, explain the situation and see if there is a way to make things right again. If you have something great to show people, perhaps a new product or service you are offering, make that offer amazing so they will be sure to return and check you out again.

Find a unique way to make some noise and even the ‘silent, shy’ type can gain some much needed attention. Its up to you, get as loud as you want!

Feel free to leave a comment and give some suggestions on how to make some noise for your life and business.

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