Our Engagement

I still get butterflies thinking back on May 3rd of this year when Jesse finally popped the question.

A week before Jesse’s birthday, he planned a small trip to the beach for us and a couple of our close friends, Tim and Whitney (who ended up being our secret photographers). Obviously, because it was so close to his birthday, I was totally oblivious to everything on this day and figured we were celebrating his birthday early.

After a day of making sand castles, digging random holes, walking the beach to look for May_2014 064shells, enjoying a delicious lunch filled with laughs, and enduring a freezing cold swim, I figured this day couldn’t be any better. I was wrong. While we were gazing at the beautiful sunset, Jesse looked at me and offered to go on a walk on the beach and I said yes. I was already excited, because I had always wanted to walk on a sunset beach with him.

wedding ringAbout 5 minutes into our walk, Jesse stopped me and said, “I have been meaning to ask you something for awhile.” Getting down on one knee, he asked for my hand in marriage. He was so sly and romantic that whole day. Everything was perfect!

I , of course, said YES and we are now planning a wedding.