How We Met

I am proud to announce that we are getting married on September 27th, 2014!

July_2013-002We met at the LA Dream Center while Jesse was an intern and I was part of the Leadership School. While at the Dream Center, we became friends and created a lot of special memories. Our relationship didn’t really blossom until a few weeks after I graduated. That was just the beginning of our wonderful journey!

We decided that our courtship would be at least a year and during July_2013-077that time we’ve grown closer to the Lord and each other in so many amazing ways. We both were able to get our first jobs, experience working with youth and I was able to get my driver’s license!

As we gaze into each other eyes, we both look back and see how much we’ve accomplished as a couple. We look forward to the future and all of the exciting new things the Lord has for us.

In creating this page, we wanted to allow you to be a part of this journey by contributing towards our future together here.