Dream Center – Jesse’s First 2 Weeks

(Taken from an e-mail update he sent with some small edits for grammar/punctuation.)

Wow, where to start? Time is so different here that the past 2 weeks feel like months. It’s truly amazing.

Things the first day were the only slow part of my DC (Dream Center) experience, all just hurrying up and waiting. The second day, I hit the ground running, started work in the DC Diner aka the Dream Center cafeteria doing food prep work and service. Afterwards, I just hung out with some other interns sharing testimonies. The next day was more of the same: working, hanging out, and growing closer to God. Eventually, Thursday crept in and I had a blast at The Angelus Temple service, which was a concert with a very moving message. The days went on along this general guideline.

Then Saturday rolled by, which was an amazing experience of worship and prayer followed by a rally and meeting of the various Saturday Adopt-A-Block ministries. I ended up with the Food Trucks that give away fresh produce and groceries to the needy on the streets. I found out, later, that I went to the wrong job, but was still very pleased that I was able to help in any way that I could.

Sunday was another interesting day, the main service by Pastor Matthew Barnett was very good. After attending the first service, I worked with the 40+ 4-5 year old class. Let me tell you, I was more whipped after that then a week in the kitchen. Those kids are just energy sappers, especially when I’m always on an empty stomach.

Monday was a rough start for me, I ended up being awakened with a call from my boss asking if I was going to work since I was late to breakfast. I rushed to get up to my meeting site and was 5 minutes late. So far that is the only thing that’s hindered my work.

I absolutely love this place! The people here are amazing and God is always the focus of everything that happens here regardless of what you are doing.

On average, the kitchen I work in feeds 300-500 people every meal. I work and serve 2 meals a day for 3 days. My side job on the weekends is called Under The Bridge. We serve about 50-60 homeless each day. In my job on Mondays and Tuesdays, I help pick up about 2000 pounds of donated food from 7 Albertsons stores in Los Angeles.

Needless to say, I’m always on the move since there is always something going on and a need to be filled. I’m just so glad that I am able to be apart of just some of what God is doing here and am able to fill a need each and every day.

Jesse Z

If you would like to support him in his ministry, he has put together a sponsorship letter explaining how you may contribute to the great work he is doing at the LA Dream Center. We will continue to update you on his many exploits going forward and ask your prayers for him.